"title": "Qualitas energy"

"area": "Company's intranet"
The client company specializes in managing investment funds for renewable energies. Given its extensive workforce of hundreds of employees and numerous offices worldwide, alongside a diverse array of operational tools, there was a clear need to establish a centralized platform containing all necessary information for the employees. To address this, we developed a fully customized intranet, seamlessly integrated with the company's systems. This integration includes Azure Active Directory for user authentication, SharePoint for accessing shared resources, HR tools, and more. The intranet's content is entirely customizable by the administrators, allowing for efficient management and listing of the company's tools. Additionally, it features a posting system for disseminating important news and events.

Main complexities of the project:
  • Integration with customer system's such as Azure active directory, Sharepoint, HR tools, etc.
Technologies Used:
  • Python
  • React JS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Docker

Qualitas energy website