You tell us your idea and we'll do the magic!

Well, not really... we don't actually do magic, but we think we are pretty great at sotfware engineering.

We are a group of experienced software engineers who have developed all kinds of projects.

If you have a project in mind, we design and build the software based on your requirements and bring it to life.

What we do

We are a group of skilled software engineers with 10+ years of experience, who have worked at a variety of different companies, building all sorts of projects and making things easy for customers across the globe.

We are based in Madrid(Spain) and, thanks to technology, we can work with you wherever you are.

We are experts in:
  • Designing and building back-ends and web front-ends.
  • Data processing, analysis and representation.

We are open to teaching and would be happy to host workshops for companies and teams.

You can check out the projects we have worked on:

Who we are

Luz Frias Senior data engineer

Many years of experience with projects involving big data processing, analysis, and representation. Also working hard

Expert in: Data, Back-end, Python, R, SQL/NoSQL databases.

Sergio Ramos Senior software engineer

Experienced designer and builder of back-ends, web front-ends, as well as team leading and moving the development of the projects forward.

Expert in: Back-end, Front-end, NodeJS, ReactJS, SQL/NoSQL databases.


Feel free to contact us and tell us your proposal at