"title": "Carlos III Health Institute"

"area": "Public health"
The "Carlos III" Health Institute researches public health and diseases. We have worked on projects for monitoring respiratory diseases such as the flu or covid-19 and tools for monitoring of deaths.


Mortality Monitoring (MOMO)

Automation of the process of mortality data ingestion from civil registries, processing and generating reports and alerts from MOMO. The objectives were to alert and measure excesses and attribute mortality to events such as heat waves or flu. MOMO received a lot of attention during the Coronavirus health crisis and it was a key project to estimate the real impact of the epidemic on Spanish mortality.

MOMO Kairos

COVID-19 Dashboard

During the COVID-19 crisis, we worked on data publication and monitoring panel, and the calculation of the reproducibility index by region, which was reported to other organizations.

COVID-19 Dashboard

Sentinel surveillance system on respiratory infections

Design and build the new surveillance system for the endemic phase of the COVID-19, and the rest of existing respiratory infections such as the influenza virus. The main objective of this application is to unify the data provided from the different autonomous communities of Spain and run automatic rules and validations to ensure data integrity. This system also enables the administrators to change the required data without code upgrades, so it adapts quickly to regulation changes.

Main complexities of the project:
  • Huge ammount of data
  • Complex data analysis
Technologies Used:
  • Python
  • R
  • Docker
  • MySQL